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Well, we're back up!  Oh, did I mention I put out a new book a couple years ago?  Well I did...Dd's Tabletalk II (2).

Books I and II, each containing over 700 recipes are both the padded 3-ring binder indexed type of books. Each containing recipes of various ethnic backgrounds and culinary expertise which I've collected, created and perfected for over 40 years. Like Hawaii is, being so diverse in multi cultures, so are the cookbooks. Ranging from cuisines of my ethniticity of Japanese, to those of my family members and friends alike, Filipino, Vietnamese, Italian, Thai, German, Portuguese, Okinawan and Chinese. Covering everything from appetizers, entrees, pasta, desserts and so much more. 

Book I has proven to be a cookbook that can be mastered by someone who has never cooked before, but wants to impress. Book II has the same qualities, also includeing many recipes that were created either as a result of tasting dishes on a special night out and hoping to enjoy those same flavors in the comfort of our home or as a result of numerous requests that came from family and friends wanting special dishes created just for them.

What started out as just a Christmas project for family and friends. Selecting those most asked for recipes and those that were the most popular favorites of family and friends; soon grew into a few 'books' worth of great recipes worthy of any kitchen. The people of Hawaii have embraced both cookbooks, making them best sellers at major bookstores here. What we have to offer now is the first and second installments called Dd's Table Talk and Dd's Table Talk II. These books are for anyone...yes, anyone! From the extreme novice to the experienced chef, the books are easy to follow. They're no-nonsense, not filled with fancy presentations, but with 'solid' recipes sure to delight everyone you cook for...

If you're tired of the 'glamour' cookbooks that just sit on your shelf...get Dd's Table Talk and Dd's Table Talk II and start cookin'!!!


Dd's Table Talk 1997 Morris Press, Nebraska Author-Deirdre Kieko Todd

Dd's Table Talk II 2003 Morris Press, Nebraska Author-Deirdre Kieko Todd

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